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Common Name: Hoya
Scientific Name: Asclepiadaceae
Lighting: High
Water: Dry
Bugs: Mealy Bugs (rare)
Here is a picture of a Hoya Plant


Hoya's are great hanging plants. They have thick waxy leaves, which can store water. It is best to let these plants get dry between watering. The foliage will wrinkle if not enough water and if too much, light brown spots and or whole thick yellow leaves will occur. If dry pieces of vine appear this is often due to not enough water cut it back to soft foliage or top of soil where ever it ends. Once they become root bound they will bloom and grow constantly. In some cases this can take two years. Blooms are really neat; they are clusters of stars. They will continue to bloom from the same areas (spur) so when the flowers die off don't remove the part they came out of if you want lots of flowers. They will continue to Bloom if they get good sunlight for most of spring and summer. I have plants that have over ten bloom clusters at once. Their new growth can be deceiving when it first comes out, because it first appears as a leafless vine. The leaves slowly come out from the vine so be patient. You can take cuttings from these plants, if you are trying to root them with out rooting hormone then try it in the spring. Take cutting 3-4" long and give them sunlight; it can take several months. When these plants are growing feed once a month.


Hoyas can grow very fast and will wrap around them selves other plants or what ever they can find. Keep them turned for even growth. These plants like to grow wild and take up space; you can keep them under control by cutting them back. Make your cuts flush with the next leaf don't leave stubs. If you chose to keep them small and compact they will not bloom very much if at all.

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