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Common Name: Mother-in-Laws Tounge / Snake Plant
Scientific Name: Sansevieria Trifasciata
Lighting: Low
Water: Dry
Bugs: None
Here is a picture of a Sansevieria Plant


This is an excellent plant for low light, high traffic situations. Its leaves are stiff and sturdy without being sharp. There are several color choices, dark green, green with yellow edging, pale green, light yellow and light green.

Periodically it is necessary to add soil. This helps to support the plant.

Over watering a sanseviera produces slimy, drippy leaves. Pull these out immediately. Under watering is shown by leaves that lean and wrinkle. Continual under watering results in permanent root damage.


If the spear-like leaves fall over, cut-off at soil level, don't stake them up.

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